7 data requests found

  • Open Journal Square 2060 Plan Amendments

    Hi, I would like to read item #10 on the upcoming planning board meeting regarding the Journal Square 2060 Plan Amendments. As a Magnolia Ave resident, I love the transformation...
    4 months ago
  • Open Jersey City Public Schools: home school assignments

    Please include in your Jersey City Open Data collection a map or maps showing the Jersey City Public Schools home school assignments based upon street address (or block/lot)....
    4 months ago
  • Open Traffic Signs, Traffic Signals, Traffic directions, Turn Restrictions data

    The OpenStreetMap community is working to improve navigation data in the US to ensure safety for drivers on the road. We are looking for any data on turn restrictions, traffic...
    7 months ago
  • Open Planning Board Minutes

    Upload recent Planning Board Minutes, please. The last updated official minutes available are from 3/11/2016. The 2016 notes are only accessible through the old website, not on...
    12 months ago
  • Open Jersey City Labor Supply

    Please provide a dataset regarding the characteristics of the labor market of Jersey City. Unemployment rate, demographics, etc.
    over 1 year ago
  • Open Traffic Violations Issued

    Looking for traffic violations issued in Jersey City. Not sure if it would com through JCPD, or municipal court violations, but I could not find that information here, or on...
    over 1 year ago
  • Open building permits

    over 1 year ago