Planning Board Application - Canal Crossing Amendments Aug 2020

Draft Materials regarding amendments to the Canal Crossing Redevelopment plan. The amendments contained herein are largely driven by the changes to the road grid and the need to clarify mechanisms for implementation.

Other amendments to discuss and include:
  1. Updating design language and development standards,
  2. defining districts in the plan to better separate permitted uses and bulk standards throughout the plan area(like the addition of a transportation zone for the NJ Transit building and train tracks/highway - an area that arguably doesn't have any zoning right now),
  3. evaluating the balance of required ground floor commercial vs. residential,
  4. clarification of the Affordable Housing provisions (still at 9% required)
  5. open space/park design, programming and amenities, and
  6. Define a cost allocation/sharing provision for the new infrastructure and parks. Quote on quote, the administrative language needed to clarify city expectations on what developers need to contribute.

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