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Engineering Project - Grand Street – Street Redesign

Location:   Grand St. from Pacific Ave. to Greene St.

Projected Start: Spring 2020

Projected End:  Summer 2020

Funding:  Capital; $1.6M

Scope of Work:  In an effort to advance the goals of the Vision Zero initiative and the Citywide Bike Master Plan, Grand Street is being reconfigured to provide a dedicated space for cyclists separated from motor vehicles. This project advances the recommendations of the Grand Street Study by creating a low-stress bike facility that will be comfortable to ride for new cyclists and prevent vehicles from blocking bike lanes.  The redesign includes twoway protected bike lanes on the south side of the Grand Street between Pacific Avenue and Monmouth Street, and one-way parking-protected bike lanes on both sides of the street between Monmouth Street and Grove Street.  East of Grove Street, Grand Street will have a westbound-only protected bike lane on the north side of the street, which will serve as a pair to the eastbound conventional bike lane on York Street. There will be protected intersections at Monmouth and Grove Streets to facilitate the transitions, and portions of the protected bike lanes will have a floating parking lane for additional protection.  The existing travel lanes will be reconfigured, the existing supply of on-street parking will be maintained, and the design will allow personal and emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to safely interact at intersections and driveways.

For more information, please visit Grand Street Concept Development

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