Planning Board Application - P19-166 438 Summit Ave 2020

For: Section 31 Review
Address: 438 Summit Avenue
Applicant: The State of New Jersey
Review Planner: Timothy Krehel, AICP PP
Attorney: Thomas P. Leane
Block: 10803
Lot: 23
Zone: Journal Square 2060 (Zone 3: Commercial Center)
Description: Proposed parking deck to accommodate existing building occupied by State Agencies. The proposed three (3) story (4 floors of parking deck including roof) will accommodate 138 additional on site parking spaces supplementing the existing 154 parking spaces for a total of 288 spaces. The Application is subject to review pursuant to N.J.S.A 40:55D-31.

This is an application to the Planning Board of Jersey City. This case is scheduled for an upcoming meeting. For more information please use this link to find Planning Board agendas.

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