Planning Board Application - P19-184 - 286 Coles Street et al 2020

For: Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan with Deviations
Applicant: ACEF Albanese Coles Street LLC
Review Planner: Matt Ward
Address: 286 Coles Street, 289 Coles Street, 258-282 Sixteenth Street, and 311 & 312 Seventeenth Street
Attorney: Eugene Paolino
Block(s)/Lot(s): 6003/1 & 2.01, 6004/1.01-1.03, and 6005/13.01-13.04
Zone: Jersey Avenue Park
Case: P19-184
Description: Proposed high rise building with varying heights containing 670 residential dwelling units, residential amenities, ground floor commercial, ground floor open space, 350 structured parking spaces, 350 bicycle parking spaces, utilizing bonus per the redevelopment plan, and part of multi-site phase development with P19-183.
Deviations: Maximum stories ‘c’ variance, minimum square footage standards for dwelling units, maximum size for residential signage, minimum sidewalk width, and relief from design standard requiring windows to have sills and lintels

This is an application to the Planning Board of Jersey City. This case is scheduled for an upcoming meeting. For more information please use this link to find Planning Board agendas.

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