Planning Board Application - P20-097 151 West Side Ave 2020

For: Minor Subdivision
Address: 151 West Side Avenue
Applicant: New Jersey City University
Case: P20-097
Review Planner: Matt Ward, AICP, PP
Attorney: Jen Mazawey
Block/Lot: 26101/2 and 21902/6
Zone: NJCU West Campus Redevelopment Plan
Description: Subdivision to divide Block 26101 Lot 2 into two lots to effectuate NJCU purchase from an adjacent owner to facilitate development of Gothic Knights Road. Also, subdivision of Block 21902 Lot 6 to effectuate later transfer of public ROW on West Site Avenue to the City. 

This is an application to the Planning Board of Jersey City. This case is scheduled for an upcoming meeting. For more information please use this link to find Planning Board agendas.

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