Planning Board Application - P20-018 70-90 Hudson

  1. Case:P20-018 
    For: Minor Site Plan – Signage – with deviations 
    Address:  70-90 Hudson St 
    Applicant90 Waterfront Hudson - LLC 
    Review Planner: Mallory Clark, AICP 
    Attorney: Thomas Leaneesq. 
    Block:  14502
    Lot:  16, 14
    Zone: Colgate Redevelopment Plan 

    Description: Proposal for a pre-approved signage package for all eligible retail spaces within Applicant’s properties. Signage package will be consistent in size, number, type, and lighting regardless of tenant. Colors and materiality will be within pre-approved suite of options based on tenant preference. 
    Deviations: number of signs, sign projection, signage size 


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