Planning Board Application - P20-039 28 Pearsall Avenue 2020

  1. Case: P20-039 

    For: Minor Subdivision 

    Address: 28 Pearsall Avenue 

    Applicant: 28 Pearsall Equities, LLC 

    Review Planner: Timothy Krehel, AICP PP 

    Attorney: Thomas P. Leane, Esq. 

    Block: 29503 

    Lot: 26 

    Zone: R-1A One and Two Family District 

    Description: Proposed Minor Subdivision of the property located at 28 Pearsall Avenue. The Minor Subdivision will divide the existing oversized lot into two conforming lots. The existing structure is to remain on the northern proposed lot. 

    Variances: Lot Size, Lot Width, and Side Yard Setbacks for the proposed lot with the existing structure. 

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