Planning Board Application - P20-041 201 Erie Street

  1. Case: P20-041

    For: Preliminary/Final Major Site Plan 

    Address: 201 Erie Street 

    Applicant: HP Lincoln Urban Renewal 

    Review Planner: Timothy Krehel, AICP PP 

    Attorney: Francis X. Regan 

    Block: 8603 

    Lot: 03 

    Zone: Jersey Avenue / 10th Street Redevelopment Plan 

    Description: Construction of a parking deck on the property which currently contains surface parking with 94 parking spaces for the Lincoln Apartments (153 Units) that will increase the number of spaces to 156, and will also provide parking (total of 58 spaces) for the Roosevelt Apartments located at 180 Tenth Street, which is currently subject to a separate development application to be considered by the Planning Board. 

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