Planning Board Application - P20-081 407-413 Summit Avenue 2020

Case: P20-081 

For:  Site Plan Amendment w/ "c" Variance 

Address: 407-413 Summit Avenue 

Applicant: 413 Summit Holding, LLC 

Review Planner:  Erica Baptiste 

Attorney: Thomas P. Leane, Esq. 

Block:  10704      Lot: 7, 8 

Zone: Journal Square 2060 - Zone 3: Commercial Center 

Description:     Amendment to add a mezzanine to the ground floor making the building 19 stories. The  

building will not exceed the maximum permitted feet in height. Other changes include relocation of interior spaces, decrease in parking from 16 to 10, changes in unit types and facade changes. 

Deviation: Maximum number of stories 

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