Planning Board Application - P20-096 17-23 Perrine Avenue 2020

Case: P20-096
For: Preliminary & Final Major Site Plan Amendment 
Address: 17-23 Perrine Avenue
Applicant: 17-23 Perrine Avenue Development LLC
Review Planner: Timothy Krehel, AICP PP
Attorney: Gerard D. Pizzillo
Block: 10803
Lot: 2, 3, 4
Zone: Journal Square 2060 (Zone 4: Neighborhood Mixed Use)
Description: Administrative Amendment of P19-192 to reduce the visual impact of the proposed structure by increasing building setbacks and reducing the building footprint. The applicant is also seeking to reconfigure the floor plans and units, and to construct  a transformer room to meet PSE&G requirements.

This is an application to the Planning Board of Jersey City. This case is scheduled for an upcoming meeting. For more information please use this link to find Planning Board agendas.

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