Planning Board Application -- P20-111 49 Fisk Street 2020

Case:  P20-111 

For:  Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan with “c” variances 

Address:  49 Fisk Street 

Applicant:  49 Fisk Property Owner LLC 

Review Planner:  Erica Baptiste 

Attorney:  Donald Pepe, Esq. 

Block:  22103  Lot:  1 

Zone: Route 440 Culver Redevelopment Plan

Description: Proposal for a new 6-story building with 338 dwelling

units, 144 parking spaces and 169 bike parking spaces.   

Variances: Creation of a new block and right-of-way, accessory

uses and structures, rear yard setback, maximum floor-to-ceiling

height without a mezzanine in Mid-Rise A, maximum floor-to

ceiling height without a mezzanine in Mid-Rise B.  

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