Planning Board Application - P20-147 175-185 Academy Street 2020

  1. Case: P20-147    

For: Minor Subdivision with “c” Variance One (1) Year Extension    

Address: 175-185 Academy Street   

Applicant: 181-189 Academy LLC    

Review Planner: Timothy Krehel, AICP PP 

Attorney: Charles J. Harrington, III   

Block: 12308    

Lot: 9, 10, 11    

Zone: Journal Square 2060 (Zone 4: Neighborhood Mixed-Use)    

Description: Request to further extend the land use approvals obtained under case No. P19-189 for a period of one (1) year. 

This is an application to the Planning Board of Jersey City. This case is scheduled for an upcoming meeting. For more information please use this link to find Planning Board agendas.

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