Zoning Board Application - Z19-071 29 Weldon St 2020

Case: Z19-071 - Minor Site Plan w/ “d” and “c” Variances 

Applicant: Nagi Eltemsah 

Review Planner: Lindsey Sigmund, AICP 

Address: 29 Weldon Street 

Attorney: Robert P. Weinberg, Esq. 

Block: 6001         Lot(s): 29 

Zone: R-1 

For: Proposed third story addition and renovation of an existing mixed-use building containing one commercial unit and one residential unit. With the addition, the total residential unit count will be two (2) units over the ground floor commercial space. The site includes an existing two (2)-car garage in the rear of the building, which will remain. 

“d” Variances: Expansion of a non-conforming use 

“c” Variances: Landscaping 

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