Zoning Board Application - Z19-116 71 Prospect St 2020

Case: Z19-116                  “d” and “c” Variances      
Applicant: Matthew Kuria and David Stuart
Review Planner: Lindsey Sigmund, AICP
Address: 71 Prospect Street
Attorney: Eugene O’Connell, Esq. 
Block: 5801         Lot(s): 1
Zone: R-1
For:  Proposed third unit in an existing three (3)-story, two (2)-unit residential building. Currently, two (2) units are occupied; this application seeks to legalize an additional unit. No additional floor area is proposed. The demolition of the detached garage, addition of landscaping, and addition of two (2) rear yard parking spaces are proposed. 
“d” Variances: Use
“c” Variances: Compact parking

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