Zoning Board Application - Z20-038 160-166 Brunswick St 2020

Case: Z20-038                    Site Plan Amendment 

Applicant: Francisco Builders 166B LLC 

Review Planner: Lindsey Sigmund, AICP 

Address: 160-166 Brunswick Street 

Attorney: Thomas Leane, Esq.  

Block: 9904            Lot(s):  1.01 

Zone: R-5 (Previously R-1) 

For:  Proposed amendment to previously approved Case Z16-029 which included a four (4)-story multi-family building with sixteen (16) units in the R-1. The amendment includes façade changes, reduction in appurtenance height, increase in appurtenance setback, and other minor design changes. The zoning has since changed to R-5. The bulk, density, and parking remain unchanged.  

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