Zoning Board Application - Z20-040 666 Grand Street 2020

  1. Case: Z20-040                       Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan w/ “d” & “c” Variances 

Applicant: 662 Grand Street, LLC 

Review Planner: Cameron C. Black, AICP, PP  

Address: 666 Grand Street 

Attorney: Eugene P. O’Connell, Esq.  

Block: 17205         Lot(s)6 

Zone: R-1 

For: a 4 story mixed use building with retail, 8 parking spaces, and 15 residential units. 

“d” Variances: Use and Height 

“c” Variances: lot and side yard, rear yard, building 

height, floor height, max. building coverage, max. lot coverage and parking 

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