Zoning Board of Adjustment Application - Z20-069 130 Summit Avenue 2020

Case: Z20-069 
Applicant: BLDG up Management 

Review Planner: Erica Baptiste 

Address: 130 Summit Avenue 

Attorney: Patrick Conlon, Esq. 

Block: 1617       Lot(s):  16A 

Zone: R-1, One- and two-family 

For: Rehabilitation and restoration of existing church to adaptively re-use it for residential use. New construction of two new five story residential buildings that will be connected to the existing church. The project proposes 82 units and thirty (30) parking spaces. 

“d” Variances: use, height 

“c” Variances: front yard setback, rear yard setback, parking requirements, parking access, parking garage and rooftop appurtenances 

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